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Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 23:31:28 EEST


For a viewer Deskartes gets my vote...especially for the money it does some
healing etc as well.. I believe they have a 30day Demo...

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Subject: RP Error Viewing and Modelling Software

> List,
> I had been using an extended demo version of Materialise Magics and I am
> afraid I have been really spoiled.
> I've recently started using Rhino and have some familiarity with Form Z.
> Neither seem to offer a particularly visual way to view the "validity" of
> stl file.
> I also have a demo version of STLViewer that [seems] to allow me to see
> models in a way similar to some jpg's I have seen from Solidview etc.
> 1. Can anyone recommend a real solid STL Viewer that would allow me to see
> file similar to RP Vendors? Deskartes Viewer?
> 2. What commands or queries do Vendors run in order to see if a file will
> shoot through their machine? And is there some "play" in this
> 3. Can anyone out there who uses Rhino share their experience with
> stl's for RP - and/or - explain which queries they use to decide if the
> file is valid.
> 4. Anyone find Form Z (or other) software more convenient than Rhino for
> either BOOLEAN OPERATIONS or stl fixing?
> 5. I've got some nasty little shapes that seem to come up in STLViewer as
> radially alternating multi-colors, which I assume means they have their
> normals alternating in a radiul pattern as well. Is viewing the validity
> an stl file in a viewer as simple as checking to see if there are
> colored surfaces?
> Many Thanks,
> Jonathan
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