Re: SLA Build station 5.3 and windows 2000

From: Markus Hitter (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 01:45:54 EEST

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> your IT people say " any machine not running windows 2000 will be
> removed from the network"

By whom? Will they come into your shop and pull the network cable?
Perhaps they will exclude you from the usual network services, only.
This way, you still can move data over the net if you provide both,
Client and Server on your own machines.

> ( and what about my 250 running in DOS)

Even viruses can't be run in DOS mode, these days. No Joke.

At worst, use a crossed Ethernet cable to connect workstation and build
station directly. It's some fiddling to get this stuff running but no
chance for your IT people to prevent you from doing so.

An intermediate solution whould be to set up your own ethernet hub,
network server and other stuff without connecting this local network to
the outside (= company LAN, Internet). Safe from the IT point of view,
just some work to be done ...

Markus Hitter

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