RE: SLA Build station 5.3 and windows 2000

From: Chris Sutcliffe (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 11:58:49 EEST

First time I've replied to the list for a while....hello everyone!

Reasonably simple answer to this one (although not that constructive) tell
the narrow minded fools to go take a running jump. These morons, crazed by
the power they think they have to make our lives a misery should be told in
no uncertain terms to crawl back into the God forsaken hole they came from.
I wouldn't mind but they all think they are clever just because they can set
up a network and upgrade windows......well I can do that and I'm not an IT

Larry stand up for's their problem and they are trying to
make it yours.

Best Regards


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Subject: SLA Build station 5.3 and windows 2000

anyone else in this situation?

your IT people say " any machine not running windows 2000 will be removed
from the network"

well what do you do with your machines running NT 4.0 ?

anybody come up with a work around?

any suggestions?

( and what about my 250 running in DOS)

Larry Monahan
Supervisor of Rapid Prototyping
BD Medical Surgical

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