RE: Best solvent for removing Somos WaterShed resin?

Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 15:39:58 EEST


I'm not sure if you got any answer,
The somos resin is a cyanoacrylate-epoxy mixture. Having a base of epoxy
itself, I don't think you can "dissolve" the 11120 pattern without damage to
the external epoxy casting unless they are drastically different materials.
TPM is used to dissolve uncured resin from the part.
DSM Somos may have a better idea on what could work.

Phil Iehle
Versadyne LLC.

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Subject: Best solvent for removing Somos WaterShed resin?

Dear List

A customer has cast a block of filled epoxy around an SL master as part of
R&D experiment and wants to know if this resin can be dissolved out.

Data sheet on the WaterShed 11120 resin shows Tg of 109degF and HDT of
120degF, so carefully heating may help with any physical efforts to dig it
out, but
the geometry does not lend itself to this approach.

Have recommended TPM so far - anybody know of anything more suitable?

Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

Best regards


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