Street value of well used sls2000's

From: Pierce, Steven E (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 23:46:43 EEST

Hello all,
         Looks like we'll be surplussing one or two old sls2000's in the next few months. Of course, our surplus dept. has no clue as to their value. We have some idea but I'm sure the list has input that is a bit more up to date and accurate. Roger I know your out there reading this.........I really don't think you have room in your garage for another one.......The mushroom speaks!

One machine needs a laser and new seals, the other is in good shape, has the newer galvos and high power laser capable of metals. Thanks,

 E. Steve Pierce
BCA Rapid Products Manufacturing (RPM)
Pgr. 206-797-3709
MC - 45-17

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