Watch case prototype

From: Vlad Dumitrescu (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 19:54:47 EEST

I'm interested in finding options for prototyping a small part, a jewelry
watch case created as a 3d in Cobalt (Ashlar). The shape is fairly simple
but has small details, rounds, chamfer, or small 0.35mm steps that need to
be well reproduced. It can be CNC out of stainless steel or brass or any
other material or technique that will produce a prototype that can be
polished and have a polished metallic finish. In the past I used Sanders wax
prototypes and then cast them in silver, but I'm interested in other
alternative solutions. I can post a 3d of tha case if necessary.
Vlad Dumitrescu
Perspective Inc, Nyack, NY USA

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