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From: Alejandro Mugetti (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 22:34:54 EEST

Dear Vlad,

The more easy and cheap, is machine the two sides of the watchcase in wax
with DeskProto,
in a precission CNC machine like Roland 3D. Later you can make the watchcase
in brass, in the investment casting process.

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Subject: Watch case prototype

> I'm interested in finding options for prototyping a small part, a jewelry
> watch case created as a 3d in Cobalt (Ashlar). The shape is fairly simple
> but has small details, rounds, chamfer, or small 0.35mm steps that need to
> be well reproduced. It can be CNC out of stainless steel or brass or any
> other material or technique that will produce a prototype that can be
> polished and have a polished metallic finish. In the past I used Sanders
> prototypes and then cast them in silver, but I'm interested in other
> alternative solutions. I can post a 3d of tha case if necessary.
> Vlad Dumitrescu
> Perspective Inc, Nyack, NY USA

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