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From: Chris Sutcliffe (
Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 13:22:14 EEST

Dear List

This is very speculative but it might be an exercise worth undertaking

If you were to be given a whole load of money to equip a centre for design
what would you spend the money on........

The spec of the centre is as follows (you can add to it as you see fit)

1. It must graduate 150 students from the following programs every year
                Mech Eng
                Materials Science
                Product design
        That means it must have capacity to serve perhaps 600 students in one form
or another throughout the year
2. It must be capable of allowing the students hands on experience of modern
new product development techniques
3. it must hold a computing suite of 20+ workstations
4. It should contain a VR suite or facility
5 It should provide access to rapid prototyping/ Rapid manufacturing/CNC
6. It must provide areas for soft modelling paint spraying etc
7. It should provide an area for product analysis (taking products apart)
and component testing
8. Anything else which you would care to add!!

Total cost must be less than 2M (say $3M)not including buildings etc.

Go ahead spend some virtual money on the development workshop of your

Best Regards


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