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*** The latest edition of the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER is now available on
The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site. A stupefying total of 125
RP patents and applications were published from 6/10/03 to 9/9/03.

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-- A personalized sculpture as a cremation urn. The urn may be fabricated in
the image of the loved one and the ashes of the deceased incorporated directly
into the build material.

-- Flexible urethane molding technology with up to ten times the typical
pressure capability.

-- RP technologies to make complex parts not easily fabricated otherwise.
Applications include sperm sorting devices, three dimensional arrays for
screening material properties, cell culturing arrays for automated discovery
procedures and many more.

-- Watermarks for NURBS-based 3-D solids data.

-- Automated, web-based quoting of molds and molded parts.

-- Structural foam parts made using stereolithography. Parts can be made
with different foam density and physical properties in different sections of the

-- Myriad photopolymer developments including dark coloration and adjustable
properties, and photopolymers that develop color after curing.

-- Z Corp.'s plaster-based materials systems and Extrude Hone's carbohydrate
binder systems for use in three dimensional printing.

-- Rapid informational color prototypes. They may include a tab for indexing
and opening the model at a given area to view its interior details.

-- Acoustic standing wave pattern molding. Material is acoustically suspended
and shaped and then frozen into a solid.

*** Find out what's really going on in the world of RP!
These are the briefest of highlights. Enormous efforts are being exerted in
the areas of technology, rapid manufacturing and tooling, materials and
medicine. There are literally the equivalent of thousands of printed pages in the
material in this update. The Newsletter is hyperlinked to allow you to home in on
just the areas that interest you - or page through it all in just a few

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