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Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 19:39:39 EEST

Wow. Making a zero thickness wall is even harder than drilling a zero
diameter hole.

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Can anyone offer their experience with respect to RP model manufacture with
"zero wall thickness"?

I have a "self-intesecting" model which I produced in SLA about three years
ago and it seems to have held up really well, despite the fact that the
model comes to an "X" where there is simply two lines (is this what I should

be calling "zero wall thickness"?). There is a little bit of "sag" below
these areas where the model appears to have been oriented "down", however
where these same geometries were oriented "up" the model was produced

I suppose gravity affects the models where there is geometry such as this?

Should I expect SLA to perform better than ZCorp in this respect? i.e. could

I get away with not offsetting a surface (and gaining some thickness) for
SLA, whereas I should only send out an offset surface for ZCorp Plaster?

Also, I believe Charles mentioned something about having the "bleed" on or
off. And was wondering whether there are controls that would allow a machine

operator to help such models along.



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