From ;Tom

Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 23:55:42 EEST


Dear friend,

With warm heart I extend my greetings to you .

My name is Tommy Alwell, a personal aid to the former Liberian President Charles Taylor .
I got your contact in my search for a reliable person to help transact this business endeavour.

As a result of limited time frame given to my boss to quit Liberia, he entrusted twenty million
United States dollars in my care, for me to put in save keeping and invest it with my own identity,
because foreign governments were now confiscating his assets and placing hold on his known bank accounts.

I sent this fund to Europe via diplomatic courier to a security company for safe-keeping.
As a result of these developments, I am contacting you to front for me to claim this money.
I have the deposit certificate along with the customs clearance papers. The fund is presently
with the security company awaiting collection.

The security company does not know the content of the consignment,I declared it as family valuables. I would have done the collection and invested these funds my self. But presently I am seeking political asylum in Europe and as an asylum seeker, I am not permitted by law to engage in any gainful economic activity as I do not have a legal status.

This is my reason for contacting you. Should this endeavour be of interest to you.
Please respond in the affirmative via my email address so that we can discuss and agree upon a renumeration that will be most suitable to you for the role you are to play in this endeavour.

Awaiting your positive response.


Tom Alwell

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