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Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 19:34:20 EEST

Hi Brugnolli,

Bubbles are very problematic with 5260. A good and old method is to reduce platform speeds, especially when a clean platform is
dived in the vat machine. Too many fine-point supports also contribute to make bubbles. Avoid unnecessary supports.

Other necessary thing is to increase resin temperature to 30-32oC. It helps to decrease the viscosity so tinny bubbles will
disappear easily.

I have also noticed that thin walls may trap bubbles (probably happens with thicker walls to but we can not see them). I have
successfully overcome this problem changing parts orientation to not perpendicular/parallel X or Y axis in the building platform.

I hope you get ride of the bubbles.


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Dear List

We have installed the resin SL7560 on a SLA 3500 (and SL5260 on a SLA 250)
but we have some problems with bubbles.

Have anyone this problem too, and any solution ?


Brugnolli Marco

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