FW: A suggestion on how to solve shipping nightmare

From: Ben Halford (ben.halford@virgin.net)
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 22:37:13 EEST

Not sure if this is already available, but could bureaus offer customers an
"as built" option where the product is shipped directly from the machine so
the end user cleans it upon arrival? The economics would be geometry /
process dependent but it might be the ideal package - less post process time
for the bureau and material cost would be the same for soluble supports and
SLA (washed & cured before shipment), and only slightly higher for 'canned'
SLS forms. You'd need to agree a method of validation, but when both
parties are experienced and the customer is prepared to spend time for a
discount and a greater chance of receiving the item in one piece, maybe an


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