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<< Hello RP-ML,
 Last week I saw a presentation by Alan Heeger who won a Nobel prize
developments in metallic polymers. DuPont then bought his work to boost their
displays division. Much excitement has surrounded their application to produce
OLED's, as thin film displays and photocells. The thing that struck me is that
they are printable fluids. THEY'RE INKS! ...uh, RP uses printing processes,
so...I can only speculate, someone help me out here...
 Are there developments toward using metallic polymers for RP? Is this the
crucial step toward functional differentiation within parts (to allow printing
logic and propulsion components?) This is exciting, right?
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Hi Makai:

Since no expert is answering this, I'll offer the little that I know.

Indeed inkjets are being used in a host of manufacturing applications and
among them are OLED's. There seems to be significant work going on both in the
UK and the US in both academic and commercial settings. Most of the
applications for inkjet manufacturing are in the 2.5 D realm, such as displays of
various types, but people are also making some small 3D components, as well. It
looks like the integrated manufacture of electrical circuitry will be one of the
major application areas and there's a lot going on at the University of CA
(Berkeley, I think) and many other places.

I don't know that anyone is applying classic inkjets to depositing conductive
polymers, per se. There are viscosity issues, etc., but there are certainly
a number of other ways that people are approaching this problem.

I interpret your comments as "Has anyone recognized...?" and if that's the
gist, the answer is "Indeed they have...", but not much has appeared
commercially yet.


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