Re: SLC slice format - direct generation

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Date: Sun Oct 19 2003 - 13:51:16 EEST

Am Sonntag, 19.10.03 um 06:52 Uhr schrieb Kiran Shastry:

> Is there any way to convert SLC files into a STL file.

This can't be done directly, Kiran.

SLC is a format representing layers/slices while STL represents a
volume's surface. Converting SLC to STL whould require to connect each
layer to the next one on top of it. This _can_ be done but requires
some coding unless anybody did it already. I'm not aware of any
software doing these calculations.

Depending on where and how often you need this conversion, there might
be some workarounds using generic CAD software or building directly
from a layer format. If you need custom software, drop me a line.

Markus Hitter

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