Mrs. Smith.

From: Smith (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 14:54:07 EEST

Dear Friend.

Please do not be surprised to receive this email from some one
relatively unknown to you. I am making this contact with you based
on trust and confidence I have for you, your Company and God
irrespective of the fact that we have not met before and because
of the nature of the business I am about to introduce to you,I want
to remain positive having the faith,the will and convincing myself
that you will be interested and capable to do business with me.

This business proposal I wish to intimate you with is of mutual
benefit and its success is entirely based on mutual trust,cooperation
and a high level of confidentiality as regard this transaction. My
name is Mrs. Patricia Smith. I am sending you this mail from the
prison were I am serving Five years jail sentence for embezling public
funds. The sentence was passed on me in the year 2000. I still have
years to go.

I was the former personal assistant to the Chairman contract Advisory
Committee (CAC) of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing FMWH).
Because of my strategic position in the committee and also being a
close associate to the chairman, I was able to acquire some funds.

As you are probably aware of the fact that Nigeria is prone to
military and the consultant political/economic instability has fueled

hyper inflation, amongst other problem, I have therefore resolved to
invest my money
abroad, prefarable in real estates properties in your country for
safety and optimum returns on investment.
My husband is late. He would have taking this position and my
children face immense hardship. I have a large family and my extended

family to sustain. My little daughter has leukemia and It cost a lot
to keep her alive. She needs urgent medical attention.
As a result of my family´s present predicaments, I have no option
than to seek for a competent foreigner to assist me to receive this
money from were it is kept and invest it in high yielding ventures
and remit money to my family for their up keep till I finish my

As a result of my present condition I can not do any thing and it is
very easy. We will need the services of a lawyer to effect changes
to enable you take possesion and please know that you will be
responsible for the attorney fee.
I await your prompt response via return mail which is my only means
of contact with the out side world for now and look forward to your

Note: We are allowed to access our email thrice a week.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Patricia Smith.

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