Re: EOS learned lesson in their own country

From: Trevor Jones (
Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 17:49:35 EEST

This comes from users of the SLA technology where there is competition -
espcially for support, materials, and lasers. For SLS users, 3D locks you
into paying the highest price - and uses these legal issues/jokes to lock
out any potential supplier from the business.


John, I could not agree more. Looks like EOS is just pissing away 3D's and
their own money, which could be used for R&D or better uses. I would say
that if their home country thinks this is a ridiculous suit, then US will
John Kerr <> wrote:
Dear List,

Pleased to see the judgement in Germany by German court ruling out EOS for
baseless SLS patents. EOS should stop these activities now & concentrate on
technology developments.

Readers, support 3D Systems for their strength in fighting out such
un-necessary competitions. Why not any company develop (like EOS) their own
technology & compete healthily with 3D. EOS gave up SLA first & now may be
SLS (!!!)

For future development of RP technologies, we need another 3-4 3D Systems !
not EOSs, copymasters !


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Ed Wilson

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