RP and Jewelry Question

From: Scott Tilton (stilton@protoprod.com)
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 15:42:56 EET

Hi fellow RP'rs.

I've got a question about the process that is used to turn an RP part into a
piece of metal jewelry.

While at the RPA show in Chicago, I saw the EnvisionTec Perfactory display
where they had made lots of little orange RP rings and then they also had
some investment cast copies too.

My question is, are they using the Perfactory parts as the investment
(making a ceramic mold around it and then burning off the RP part?)

Or are they making wax copies of the Perfactory parts to burn off? (using
some sort of soft -- rubberish tooling)

I had an older person from the jewelry industry tell me about when they made
molds around patterns for creating wax duplicates.

He said that the pattern would be fixtued in a holder, and then rubber
pellets were packed in all around it.
They they'd put it in the oven at 250F or so and let the rubber melt around
the pattern.

This was all news to me . . . I explained to him that the majority of RP
parts out there that I knew of weren't't going to hold up to 250F very well,
and that I thought all the soft rubber tooling guys had gone to Room
Temperature Vulcanizing types of molds.

Anyone willing to educate me about the process .. . I'd be interested and

Thanks in advance.

Scott Tilton

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