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From: Huolila Martti (Martti.Huolila@tekes.fi)
Date: Tue Oct 28 2003 - 08:52:57 EET

Mohamad, the list!
 Have you checked with Degussa if they know anything that might help you in your quest?
Here is a link to their english page.
Please check under "Internal start-ups" "Lotus effect" and "Advanced nanomaterials". At least they have been making small grain size powders so they might know whether you have any hope in your search.
Hope this helps any.
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        Aihe: very fine powder

        Does anyone out there know of any polymer suppliers that may be able to supply me with a thermoplastic powder with average particle size of ~1um or less. I have been searching for a nylon powder in that size range and so far I have come up empty. There is got to be someone out there producing nanometer size powders.

        Any help would be appeciated,

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