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It doesn't even have to be "Ink-Jetted"...

Conductive Ink Advances Electronics
Mon Oct 27, 8:25 AM ET
By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer

NEW YORK - Ink has been used for millennia to convey ideas, but it may be
about to convey something new: electricity.

Don't worry. This isn't about getting a shock off a printed page. Rather,
it's about making electronics cheaper - at a fraction of a cent - by
replacing wires, circuit boards and batteries with ink.

A small, New York-based outfit called T-Ink Inc. is pioneering the use of
electrically conductive ink in ordinary printing presses.

"Our goal is a total print medium where your paper is going to talk," says
Andrew Ferber, vice chairman at T-Ink and one of the brains behind the
technology. He envisions newspapers that include printed loudspeakers,
batteries and circuits.

For now, the technology is available in limited form and in somewhat trivial

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Dear Ed and the list!

This might be too old a thread to continue, but I'll still add this.

Conductive polymers like polyolefins can be printed with epson printers
becasue they use piezo, not heat to dispense the droplets.

Work in printing conductive polymers is being done by a relatively small
group of scientists who are not that familiar with RP.

The link between printing a conductive ink and RP is so obvious that I
suppose most anyone of this list would make the connection if presented with
printing technologies.

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> Aihe: Re: metallic polymers
> I don't know that anyone is applying classic inkjets to
> depositing conductive
> polymers, per se. There are viscosity issues, etc., but
> there are certainly
> a number of other ways that people are approaching this problem.

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