Re: RP and Jewelry Question

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Tue Oct 28 2003 - 19:04:35 EET

Scott Tilton wrote:

>Hi fellow RP'rs.
>I've got a question about the process that is used to turn an RP part into a
>piece of metal jewelry.
>While at the RPA show in Chicago, I saw the EnvisionTec Perfactory display
>where they had made lots of little orange RP rings and then they also had
>some investment cast copies too.
>My question is, are they using the Perfactory parts as the investment
>(making a ceramic mold around it and then burning off the RP part?)

For several months I have been seeking to verify that Perfactory models
can indeed be directly investment cast. So far I have not had much luck.

If you are seriously considering doing this, then I would strongly
suggest that you use the Ceramic Shell process instead of conventional
jewelry/dental type investment materials. It is capable of handling
much higher temperatures and would help ensure a successful outcome.

Best Regards
Greg Pettengill
Cote' Art & Engineering <>

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