RE: Ztech-STL Software

From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 14:54:28 EET

Sounds similar to the message that I got.
Basicially "such and such files have been replaced with older versions.
Insert service pack XX CD to restore correct files."

Going through CD's and Microsoft Windows Update was a spiraling path of less
and less functionality until my computer wouldn't even boot anymore.

I was able to recover my data, but I still had to re-install everything.

Way to go Z-Tech.

Scott Tilton

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From: George W. Hart []
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 9:44 PM
Subject: Re: Ztech-STL Software

Scott Tilton wrote:
> Anyone out there install this software?
> My computer kicked the bucket when I installed it...

I tried it too and it messed things up for me also. In my case (Win98)
it apparently partially installed a version of opengl32.dll even though
opengl was already installed. Its partial installation was not
compatible with the remaining files (in my case, gdi32.dll was the first
incompatibility detected) so all opengl-based 3D visualization programs
are then broken. I uninstalled the Ztech software and reinstalled
opengl32 and all is fine. My assessment is that the Ztech program is
not professionally prepared and tested.


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