RP and Jewelry Question: Complete burnoff by the JUMA "Blackrohr" Rapid Burnout System

From: Mazouri (JUMA-Ellwangen@t-online.de)
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 17:43:43 EET

Environment friendly and energy-saving burnout process for metal casting in
rapid prototyping and foundries.

Direct investment cast, preferably under vacuum, can indeed be used to turn any
RP part into a piece of metal. For this the RP pattern is used as the investment
for making a ceramic mould around it and then burning off the RP pattern.

With the unique Blackrohr Rapid Burnout System the burn out protocol for any RP
material no longer has to be long and using high temperatures:

The Blackrohr Rapid Burnout System is an additional unit for furnaces for the
complete, smokeless and odourless combustion of patterns made of prototype
materials at very low temperatures of max. 250 centigrades (480F). With
wax/thermal polymers it's significantly lower and shorter.

By this method all 3D patterns from Styropor, polystyrene (SLS),
SLA/STL-materials, thermal polymers, LOM laminates, PA, ABS, and even from wax
or resin infiltrated starch/cellulose powder used on 3D printers can be embedded
for the lost pattern investment casting of metal parts directly into plaster-,
ceramic- or sand-moulds and completely burned out (fused) at temperatures of
around 250 centigrade without residue nor fume.

The JUMA Blackrohr Rapid Burnout System (design patent registered, and European
patent pending), which won an EuroMold 2001 and several other awards for
excellent innovation, blows an especially prepared air into the chamber of the
kiln. By this process the air becomes an aggressive gas which compulsorily leads
all hard to burn materials to a chemical combustion reaction. Developing
pollutants are neutralized likewise. A catalyst is not necessary either.

"Although for annealing the ceramic mould higher temperatures may be necessary
we managed to develop an environment friendly and energy-saving system for the
complete burnoff of RP patterns at a temperature of just 250 centigrade. Others
couldn't succeed at 1450 centigrade (2642F)," told us Dipl.-Ing. A. Mazouri,
the inventor and managing director of JUMA Sonderanlagenbau GmbH.

The system is applicable for rapid prototyping, foundries, jewellery industry
and dental furnaces and even for incinerators.

Use of the JUMA Blackrohr Rapid Burnout System will result in low combustion
temperatures for all materials, short burnout cycles by fast fusion beginning
already during heating up, residue-free fuse results at only a fraction of the
energy consumption, as well as reduced gasses and fumes for your health.

Casting under vacuum is recommended to produce prototype parts or short runs
having no bubbles and no internal voids.

JUMA Sonderanlagenbau GmbH at D - 73479 Ellwangen, Germany, is an innovative
enterprise which particularly develops and manufactures Rapid Prototyping
Systems and modern machines and systems (reaction resin machines, silicone and
PU-dosing pumps and complete plants for vacuum casting of plastic and metal
parts) for industrial model and prototype shops.

For further information just call me or visit us at EuroMold, 3.-6.12.2003,
Frankfurt, Germany, HALL 9.0, BOOTH A.67

Peter Hagen

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