RE: New Rapid Prototyping Benchmark Study Examines 3D Printers

From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 00:15:10 EET

Hope you have a Nomex Suit on John . .cause here come some more flames.
It doesn't look to me like you went through the report or even the executive
Page three of the summary explains who Todd is and what T.A. Grimm &
Associates is about.
If he isn't a veteran, who is?
Secondly, he flatly states that the Viper is one of the two exceptions
introduced into the benchmark tests. . and that it isn't a 3D printer as he
defines it, but rather that because of its popularity, it was "included to
serve as a baseline of measurement."
The ironic thing is .. . .by "doubting the credibility of the publisher"
you have removed all doubt about your own credibility in some other people's
Scott Tilton
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Subject: Re: New Rapid Prototyping Benchmark Study Examines 3D Printers
Dear List,
Went thru the report !
Some questions :
1. Is this site marketing site for selling reports ?
2. This report is definitly not made by any RP Veteran but some novice
3. Everybody knows that Viper is serious high end RP system not 3D Printer.
Why include it in the comparisons ? Viper accuracy same as Dimension printer
? Ha Ha , who are they fooling ? Ask Fine Line Prototyping or experts from
3D Systems, please wake up, or these fools will confuse the market ! I doubt
the credibility of of the publishers
Why Invison, Eden is missing my friend ?

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