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From: Charles Overy (
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 01:43:35 EET

Scott and all

No so helpful after the fact but, after several experiences of this type, I
have finally made a box just for demoing software. I was tired of screwing
up my system registry among other things. I kept an old machine when we
upgraded and use that. I really needed to make a disk image so that I could
restore it to a default position if I needed to but did not think that far
ahead. Anyway, if you have an old box around it is probably worth doing.
You can get a simple KVM switch from Linksys for under $100 and as long as
you use good cables you should not degrade your monitor signal that much.
When I finally get around to installing web based mail etc here then I plan
to use that box as my "office box" and keep a separate machine for CAD and
$$ work.

I have to say that I like to support startup software companies as they
often have good value. It does come with some risk though. Also it is
often a problem with the vagaries of Windows although this one looks to have
been a somewhat significant oversight.


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> Sounds similar to the message that I got.
> Basicially "such and such files have been replaced with older versions.
> Insert service pack XX CD to restore correct files."
> Going through CD's and Microsoft Windows Update was a spiraling
> path of less
> and less functionality until my computer wouldn't even boot anymore.
> I was able to recover my data, but I still had to re-install everything.
> Way to go Z-Tech.
> Scott Tilton
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> Scott Tilton wrote:
> > Anyone out there install this software?
> > My computer kicked the bucket when I installed it...
> I tried it too and it messed things up for me also. In my case (Win98)
> it apparently partially installed a version of opengl32.dll even though
> opengl was already installed. Its partial installation was not
> compatible with the remaining files (in my case, gdi32.dll was the first
> incompatibility detected) so all opengl-based 3D visualization programs
> are then broken. I uninstalled the Ztech software and reinstalled
> opengl32 and all is fine. My assessment is that the Ztech program is
> not professionally prepared and tested.
> George

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