RE: New Rapid Prototyping Benchmark - Decision Support

From: Bibb, Richard (PDR) (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 10:39:54 EET

Dear Ian and list,
In response to Ian Gibson's last email on this subject: My PhD was to create
exactly the kind of general decision support system that Ian describes in
his first paragraph. It was specifically designed to aid the education and
decision making process for very small companies that had not used RP
It used the STL file of the object and just a few key parameteras based on
what the user required and how many parts they wanted and the software would
do exactly what Ian suggested, i.e. rule out those processes which were not
suitable and list those that might be. If they wished the user could then
get extra info on each of the potential processes and a rough price guide.
It took me a while and got me a PhD (for the strategy of how it made the
decisions) but looking back I guess it would not be too hard for an
experienced programmer. Unfortunately I have been unable to develop it
further as yet but if anyone is interested I can point them in the direction
of a couple of papers I published on it.
kind regards,
Dr. Richard Bibb
Head of Medical Applications
Western Avenue
United Kingdom

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