RE: New Rapid Prototyping Benchmark Study Examines 3D Printers

From: Holmer Berndt (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 17:53:10 EET

Ian, Richard and List,

There is an available web-based tool according to Ian's first kind, but without ready-made solutions which will probably be wrong in the specific case anyway.

The RP Selector became internationally available Q1 2003 where the English version was sponsored by RAPTIA (an EU Thematic Network). The original RP Selector was developed by IVF Industrial Res. & Dev. Corp. for the Swedish Network on FFF. It is a very easy-to-use program and does not attempt to find the "best" solution. Instead, it guides the user to relevant information and educates him/her along the way.

It is intended as a guide and education tool for the non-frequent user and to facilitate common understanding in internal and external discussions - it is not at all something for the experienced RP user who does not need simplistic aids.

Everyone is welcome to test it:

Of course the economy is the problem. The Selector is in strong need of up-dating - we know too well and don't need that piece of information but apart from that we are interested in having all sorts of comments and suggestions. They will be handy when we find a way of funding an overhaul. Maybe you have ideas, Ian?


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