SLS buildsetup software "improvements"

From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 00:35:47 EET

A fitting end to the week.
Remember a week or two back when I got all pissy about downloading some STL
software that made my machine crap out?
Oh .. I'm sorry . . I mean . . I mistakenly didn't have the most recent Open
GL drivers, which the STL software required, and because I didn't have them,
my computer crashed.
Yeah well anyway . . . so as I'm reinstalling everything, I plunked in the
software for the SLS build setup application. (DTM / 3D systems)
Apparently I never installed the last copy that was sent to me and was
working on an older version for over a year now.
When I installed it, I found some nice little improvements and was pleased.
Now however, I'm wanting to customize some of the settings and it would
appear that the ability to do so has been removed.
I've got some parts with fine text on them . . and for the Z layers that the
text is on, I want to change the offset settings to make sure the text will
come out. The rest of the part I NEED to use the correct settings for
accuracy and fit reasons.
So as I go to start setting different fill and outline offset values for
different Z height . . I can't find how to do it anymore.
It appears to me that this ability has been removed.
If so ..that SUCKS!
If not .. someone please clue me in as to what I'm missing.
I don't particularly want to uninstall this version just to install an older
version . . .
Especially this late in the day on Friday.
I think this sort of thing has happened in the past.
If I remember correctly, with the first version of the software that I ever
used, I could actually change the settings for the speed that the laser
scanned on the part bed. Not that I ever messed with it much besides to
play with it, but I noticed when it was removed from a newer version of the
Scott Tilton

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