Re: SL5220 and SL5240 resin master patterns used in RTV castings

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Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 02:21:20 EET

Dear David,
Curing inhibitation of silicone rubber
You can use Shin-Etsu KE1314 Silicone rubber , this type of silicone rubber is no good in doing Optical clear transparent PU castings. Or you can either place the masters in 60C oven for 1 hour or in room temperature for 3 days to decrease the inhibitation.
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>>> <> 11/15/03 3:57:17 AM >>>
Is anyone using SL5220 and/or SL5240 resins as masters for RTV urethane
castings? I believe I'm having contamination problems with my silicone from the
sla material (master) and would like to receive feedback from people that have
had similar issues. I would like to speak with actual users and not vendors
wanting me to use their products. Thanks for any helpful info.

David Oblak
Beckman/Coulter Inc.
Sr. Mechanical Designer/RP
(305) 380-3764

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