From: jerry_adebo (
Date: Mon Nov 17 2003 - 13:04:59 EET

 I am making this proposal to you as a reliable partner. I got your contact
 through your country business Guide. As a reliable person, in a related area
 of my interest for investment. The money I, want to invest was acquired
 through the federal government.
 The money was release for the rehabilitation of the refinery to increase the
 supply of petroleum product in my country. The Rehabilitation of the
 refinery have been completed and after the contractor has paid, the access
 of money (in cash) was kept with a security/finance company. under the guise
 of a photographic material for security reason.
 This amount to a total of (USD $ 12.5M) Million United State Dollars. As a
 civil servant l, find it very difficult to invest such amount of money in my
 country due to my position in the government such amount of money will
 course suspicion which may lead to my impeachment, that is while l need your
 Assistant. Then indicate your interest in the area of business viability in
 your country. After which we shall both discuss the modalities.
 All other information related to this fund will be revealed to you as we
 progresses. The proposed transaction should be kept strictly and
 confidential due to my present position in the government .
 You can reach me urgently on this Email.
 please ,indicate your Direct phone line / fax number when replying.
 God bless you and your family.
 Bye Best Regard.



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