Re: TCT 2003 @the NEC in Birmingham, UK

From: David Park (
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 14:47:19 EET


I visited TCT this year, it was my first time as I am new in the industry
and the first thing I must comment on is the value of the show, I certainly
learnt a lot over the three days. Thanks to the people from this list for
recommending it.

With regards to your comments on students, I don't think the organisers
prevented students from visiting the conference, as there were a couple in
the sessions that I attended. However, I do know that they were trying to
prevent students walking around the exhibition floor, which they were trying
to keeping as an area where exhibitors could do valuable business with
visitors. I witnessed first hand an exhibitor's reaction as a group of
students, who did manage to get into the show, decided to take several
pieces of promotional items off his stand, I think he said each item cost
him 4, which may not seem like much money, but in the current market many
companies are counting every penny. I think this is a case of a few
spoiling the experience for the many. I agree with the organisers in this

I would suggest if you are interested in visiting next year, that you
approach the organisers, like the University of Wolverhampton did and make a
deal where you can visit the conference, but will stay away from the


>From: Paul Mativenga <>
>Subject: TCT 2003 @the NEC in Birmingham, UK
>Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 13:40:14 +0000
>I thought it was a bit unfortunate for the new organizers of the TCT to
>officially state they they will not allow PhD and other postgraduate
>to visit the show.

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