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Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 18:23:07 EET

One thing I think is an oversight here. The students of today will become
our customers of tomorrow! We constantly provide tours to high school and
college students, sometimes with workshops and also sponsor numerous student
projects. I look at it as it cost me more if I choose not to invest in the
future. Food for thought!


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> Paul,
> I visited TCT this year, it was my first time as I am new in the industry
> and the first thing I must comment on is the value of the show, I
> learnt a lot over the three days. Thanks to the people from this list for
> recommending it.
> With regards to your comments on students, I don't think the organisers
> prevented students from visiting the conference, as there were a couple in
> the sessions that I attended. However, I do know that they were trying to
> prevent students walking around the exhibition floor, which they were
> to keeping as an area where exhibitors could do valuable business with
> visitors. I witnessed first hand an exhibitor's reaction as a group of
> students, who did manage to get into the show, decided to take several
> pieces of promotional items off his stand, I think he said each item cost
> him 4, which may not seem like much money, but in the current market many
> companies are counting every penny. I think this is a case of a few
> spoiling the experience for the many. I agree with the organisers in this
> case.
> I would suggest if you are interested in visiting next year, that you
> approach the organisers, like the University of Wolverhampton did and make
> deal where you can visit the conference, but will stay away from the
> exhibition.
> David
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> >I thought it was a bit unfortunate for the new organizers of the TCT to
> >officially state they they will not allow PhD and other postgraduate
> >students
> >to visit the show.
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> >Regards
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> >Paul
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