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Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 02:40:15 EET


As a daily Rhino user since the beta of V1, I have to disagree with Mr. Chertok. Though Rhino's mesh manipulation tools are not extensive, it's ability to generate meshes from NURBS geometry has been nearly flawless, from my experience. 99% of the models I export from Rhino are in STL format -about 40% of which go out to RP service bureaus - the rest go to my own CAM software. The degree of control one has over the triangulation of surface data is excellent especially when compared to many other modeling pkgs. I definitely would not describe Rhino as "loose" in any way. To get tight models & tight meshes, one has to model with this in mind, setting tolerances appropriately etc. Such is the case with most software, you simply have to learn how to use it to accomplish the task at hand. I would second Jonathan's suggestion to post any Rhino modeling quandaries to the Rhino newsgroup where you will get prompt solutions from both users like myself & tech support staff.


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