1 KW CO2 laser for sell from the IHCC Laser Club

From: Meadow Woodbury (meadow_w2002@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 21:44:59 EET

Dear List,

My name is Meadow Woodbury and I am President of the
Indian Hills Community College Laser Club, located in
Ottumwa, Iowa. Our College has a 1 KW CO2 laser that
we no longer have room to keep. The laser is a Photon
Sources, INC. year 1981, Model # 1003, Max power
1350W, Voltage input of 460V, Max current 30A @ 60 HZ.
The Laser Club is going to sell the laser and the
money will go to the club to cover the expense of new
equipment for the lab, or for the club members to
travel to laser conferences and learn more about the
field we are about to enter. If any one knows of a
company that would be interested in this laser call
(641)777-3981 ask for Martin. Thank you very much for
your time.


Meadow Woodbury

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