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What many Rhino users are asking for is to be able to work with a mesh
object with the same amount of control as they would work with surface/solid
objects - i.e: currently you cannot trim, split, boolean, fillet etc..etc..
a mesh entity within Rhino. This would primarily(but not exclusively) be
useful to most of us for imported mesh objects such as those from animation
software or reverse engineering mesh data from 3D digitizers. This type of
functionality along with a few other perhaps more organic mesh manipulation
tools would put Rhino at or near the top of the list for power & versatility
in a 3D modeling app. Again I agree that the frequency of Boolean & fillet
failures is annoying & I think these types of improvements/fixes as well as
enhanced NURBS modeling tools are on the top of the list. Also high up are
parametric(history driven) options, & enhanced 2D drafting tools. To get
back to the meshing, the difference is in generating a mesh(from a NURBS
object) vs working with a mesh(as discussed above). The only complaints I
have ever seen about mesh generation is the inability to generate quad
meshes for animation software export. I'm sure they are also always trying
to increase the efficiency of the tessellation algorithms as well- so that
you get the most detail/precision for the # of poly's produced. There are
certain other controls that may be desirable such as the ability to create
regular sided meshes for import to finite element software. I have never
known precision to be an issue with Rhino. Out of the many Rhino users I
think you would find that quite a few are using RP at some point in the
process &, from what I've seen on the Rhino NG very few are having problem
with STL export.


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> Hey Caleb,
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> No matter. You can call me Jonathan on the list. Unless of course you want
> to bust on me...
> What's the difference between mesh manipulation and mesh creation?
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