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There are very few modeling apps out there that can tackle that type of
precision freeform surface -Alias Studio, CATIA, UG, DelCAM PowerShape come
to mind as some of the most powerful with Rhino right up there at a fraction
of the cost - & most would agree much shallower learning curve. The top
Solid modeling pkgs. out there such as Pro-E & Solidworks just don't have
the type of complex surfacing power needed. From what I have gathered,
McNeel is working on enhanced mesh manipulation tools not enhanced mesh
creation capability - I could be mistaken. As far as the FormZ export step,
I'm afraid you lost me there. I was simply sharing my experiences with Rhino
STL export, which is basically summarized by the fact that neither my CAM
pkgs. nor any of our RP service bureaus have ever had any problem with STL
files from Rhino. Though I agree that thing's like Boolean operations &
complex filleting are areas that need work in Rhino. All in all, for the
purpose of modeling an automobile with little or no previous experience I
don't think there is any software which could beat Rhino -this type of
modeling really is it's greatest strength. If he were modeling a complex
mechanical assembly or doing character animation, I would have a different


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> Caleb,
> I thought we had a pretty healthy discussion of this issue on the Rhino
> site.
> Rhino specifically stated to me they wanted to improve their mesh
> capabilities.
> I wouldn't argue with your point about very experienced users. Sounds like
> you've been around since shortly after Michael finished the first go round
> on the software.
> However, for a very new user such as Grant the Rhino -> RP process can be
> tricky. Add that fact, to the process of having to wrap your head around a
> surface modelling mentality and you have a task ahead of you that needs
> input.
> For instance, just the fact that you can have files go to stl from Rhino
> that need additional help is interesting. Or the fact that Form Zed won't
> export the same file as stl. In my experience solids modelling does not
> you these kinds of errors. It will either do the operation you request or
> won't.
> Do you even use the Booleans in Rhino?! They're there - so if I were Grant
> I'd probably be looking to use them quite a bit. Maybe he's an experienced
> surface modeler, but it didn't sound like it.
> Have you got any shopworn tricks up your sleeve that you can share? Just
> process of having to "be sure to check for bad objects often" seems really
> funny to me.
> Mind you, I plan on continuing my work in Rhino - but I think you've got
> be realistic about what you can expect out of Grant on this project he's
> embarked upon. He's modeling it - your not.
> Cheers
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