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From: Bruce E. LeMaster (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 18:08:26 EET


We just had three samples built and are going through an evaluation of
them now. On initial inspection they were very nice. One of the parts
had four 0.060" x 0.3" posts on it, of which two were broken off and we
proceeded to break a third one off during handling. This part was a
thin walled box that had some warpage in the x-y build plane. One of
the other parts was a "joy stick" type part with a lot of curves and
0.2" wall thickness. The build lines were very minimal and cleaned up
easily. The third part was a shaving razor handle and it came out very

We're now setting the parts up for silicone molding to evaluate their
usefulness as patterns. We haven't done a complete check of the
dimensions at this point but a few that we did sample were within 0.005"
or better.

That's all I can say at this point.

Bruce LeMaster

Scott Tilton wrote:

> Anyone care to share their opinions of 3D Systemsí InVision printer?
> *Scott Tilton*

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