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From: John Brock (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 21:57:40 EET

Hi Tom:
    If the fix is minor, it could be done in Rhino. If nothing else, you can open the STL mesh file in Rhino and use the ShowEdges to find the naked edges and/or holes in the mesh. While Rhino is primarily a NURBS surface modeler, it does have some rudimentary mesh editing tools (Weld, Unify normals, etc.) and an available mesh tools plug-in to expands those mesh tools. It would be nothing like the power and tools available in the other STL editing applications mentioned in replies but it would be anywere near the price either. The adequacy of the tools in Rhino would depend on the nature of the problems with the STL file. Since you can't even view it, that's impossible to judge.
    You could download the try the free evaluation version of Rhino (limited to 25 saves) to see how bad the STL mesh really is. In this way you could use Rhino to evaluate how bad the problems are. You could also send me the STL file and I'll see if I can fix it and send it back to you.

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  Hello List,

  What economical software's can you suggest for repairing an .stl file, which is reported as "not a valid solid"?

  Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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