cheapest SLA machine in the world 3 specficaton

Date: Sun Nov 23 2003 - 11:25:18 EET

So many people asked me to know in details.
then I translate.

Name: Wizaray
Supllyer: ChubuNihonkogyo
           ( :only japanese)
Price: 998000yen

System Specifications
Machine Size(mm) WXDXH 396X446X381
Machine Weight 15㎏
Power Requirements AC100V  50/60Hz
Achievable Accuracy 0.025mm
Maximum Building Size XYZ axis 100mm
OS WindowsXP/2000
                                                [PC Specification]
 CPU:300MHz(Intel
 Memory:256MB
 HDD:10GB
 Video:OpenGL
 others:CD-ROM、USB port
Media CD-ROM
Interface USB(Cable attached)
Other Attachment Building Base Holder:1
                                              Power Source Cable 1
                                              driver(software) 1 license
Option for Operation (expendable)
Type Name Price
WZ0601 Start UP SET 10000
WZ0701 AC Polymer 701(resin) 10000
WZ0801 Resin bath 12000
WZ0901 Building Base Sets:Small (10) 3250
WZ0911 Building Base Sets: Large(5) 2850

Masato Imamura,Dr.Eng.
Chief Engineer
R & D Department
Honohara 3-1
Toyokawa Aichi 442-8505 Japan
TEL +81(0)533-84-3529
FAX +81(0)533-84-0073

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