Archival Resins

From: admin (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 23:36:20 EET

Dear List,

Years ago, when I first started into RP, I made a bunch of sculptures
with currently available resin. They looked great to start but slowly
got darker and darker and several of the sculptures failed by slumping.
  I thought that the resins would last but they did/do not.

Part of the problem is that my specifications are specific to art and
so few people are using it for art there is no need to design resins
that can last as long as typical art projects need to last.

I need a resin that won't slump over time or be adversely affected by
humidity. It would be preferable if it could hold its color for as long
as possible. For the sculptures that I want to make it greatly
complicates the process to silicon mold and cast more permanent resins
within it. Its not cost effective. That was the allure to RP in the
first place.

Can anyone help advise me on resins that will last many years?

Please respond to me off the list. I don't want my questions to become
a marketing platform for the list.

best, michael rees

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