FW: Large prototype capability?

From: Joe-CM (joemacdonald@custommotion.com)
Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 15:37:39 EET

One larger machine you might have seen is at www.custommotion.com then click
on customLAM. We build custom robotic applications and constructed
customLAM five years ago as a proof of concept machine but never developed
enough interest to go further. If anyone would like to have us build a
larger version to make your part please feel free to contact me. We have a
40" x 24" x 24" VMC that we could possibly cut your part on in two pieces if
that would help.

Joe Mac Donald
General Manager
customMotion inc.
750 S Orlando Avenue, Suite 405
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
321.784.8719 F
321.544.2646 C

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Subject: FW: Large prototype capability?

I am looking for a source to build a larger prototype. Rough dimensions are
60" L x 24" W x 12" H. It is a large housing with wall thicknesses around 3
inches. Material should be moderately functional (SLA - would be acceptable
but we'd prefer not to split it into 3 parts) and tapable or insertable. I
remember seeing a large LOM system a few years back that would probably
work, but I cannot find any information on it. Any recommendations or
suggestions? Thanks.

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