Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 12:15:27 EET


I believe this is the only option left to me. I am
Barr.Olufemi Williams, a lawyer and in need of your
assistance relating to the inheritance of the estates of my deceased client,
Mr.Jurgen Steinhoff, hereinafter referred to as my client.
Until his demise following a tragic automobile accident in
April 1999 here in Lagos, Mr.Steinhoff, an expatriate, was a major contractor
to both the
downstream and upstream categories of my country's oil sector cum consultant
to the Federal Government on allied business.

This correspondence is to call for a mutual assistance in
claiming a huge deposit lodged in the bank account of my
late client, which is under serious threat of gratuitous
revocation by the bank for want of claimant. Being the
bank's only legitimate means for release of the inheritance,
my firm has been repeatedly inundated with various notices
by the bank to put forward formal claims. Recently,
eventually, we were issued an ultimatum of twelve weeks,
effective from last Tuesday to effect this request. Let me
quickly add that we had in the last four years made frenzied
efforts in various ways to establish contact with possible
surviving members of the Mr. Steinhoff, all to no avail.

My sparse records, which are similar to those of the banks,
show that the closest family link to my immigrant client was
his daughter Gaby who, unfortunately died in the same road
mishap with the father.
Convinced that no claims are ever going to be made after
four years, following the scantiness of information on
Mr.Steinhoff's records, the bank now threatens to
selfishly freeze the account and declare it unserviceable
and assign it to a discredited trust fund for likely inhuman
purposes such as arms acquisition and the likes.

This also ignores the difficulty facing me in my concerted
effort to locate a bonafide next-of-kin within this period
of time.
Here, therefore, is where I entreat you to come in to
stand-in for me as the next-of-kin. Please, note that I
you not only because you are a foreigner but also i believe
that you can help in this matter and as a lawyer, I
guarantee you I have worked out everything to absorb you of
any legal breaches. I will, of course, disclose the amount
involved upon your unhurried decision to support us and I
assure you that you will be very well compensated as may be
determined and agreed between us.

Finally, I will plead with you not to take undue advantage
of me when the money is finally remitted into your personal
account knowing the limitations in my options in this
regard. Let me hear from you and I would welcome your phone
and fax numbers for more detailed and private discussions on
this endeavor.
Best regards and God bless.

Yours faithfully,

Barr. Olufemi Williams Esq.

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