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Just a note for clarity....these names can be confusing since they are
both new products
3D Systems produces the INVISION
- a new concept printer
Envisiontec produces the Perfactory
- a new RP machine using DLP technology





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Dear Al,
     The envisiontec material costs $225.00 per Kg. That seems to be par
for the industry. Being an Envisiontec Perfactory mini user, I would
like to clarify the fact that supports make up less than 5% of the total
mass used. Many times I can get away with designing a casting gate/sprue
that also acts as a support. While in magics, we have been able to make
support structures with a contact area as small as .25mm x .25mm. The
whole idea is to keep the supports to a minimum. I've never had a part
where the supports exceeded 15% of the total mass used.
     Comparing the material to the price of silver is ridiculous. Why
not com pair it to the price of other RP materials from companies like
Somos or even the Solidscape material. I would imagine that your
confusion comes due to the fact that the Solidscape/SDI machines build
at close to a 1:1 ratio of build and support. That does not take into
account the amount of material lost in the milling phase of the build
process. At $345.00 per Kg for build material and $345.00 per Kg for
support material, the SDI/Solidscape machine would take close to 2
pounds of material for the same "1 pound" part, and that would end up
costing the customer close to 3 times that the Envisiontec machine would
     As I said earlier, if you compair apples to apples, the Envisiontec
machine is quite economical to run. Please let me know when you find an
RP machine that builds in silver so that I can start to cut my material

John Mastoloni
M2 Systems
Tel: 860-832-9331

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We received an email showing how cheap it is to own an Invision System.
What it did not say is that the price for a one pound model (with one
pound of support) is $199. Compare this to the price of silver which is
$88 per pound. Not quite as cheap as you would first think.

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