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You should also take a look at his work on RM of macro-scale objects. In
particular, houses, buildings, and structures of similar size. Totally cool.

At 08:01 AM 12/12/2003 -0700, Bob Olsen wrote:
>Saw this in the Dec 1 issue of Business Week, this is form their online
>version. Interesting!
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>Rapid Prototyping Gets Faster And Cheaper
>Since the late 1980s, rapid prototyping (RP) has evolved from a tool for
>making factory molds and dies to a low-volume technique for making
>finished parts, and even consumer product prototypes. One type of RP
>machine turns computer models into functional parts by creating thin layer
>upon layer of powdered metal or plastic, fusing each layer into a solid.
>This so-called sintering is done by scanning a laser back and forth within
>the part's often-intricate outline. But with most such machines, it takes
>hours to build a large 3-D shape.
>97c92cc8.jpg Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of industrial and systems
>engineering at the University of Southern California, says he has a better
>idea. Instead of sintering a layer by scanning it with a laser beam, his
>system quickly fuses the whole layer under an oven-like electric or gas
>heater. The powder outside the part's outline doesn't solidify because it
>gets treated in advance with a special liquid. Khoshnevis says his
>patented approach can polish off each layer in less than 15 seconds. And
>it doesn't need a laser, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. He
>has licensed the process and hopes to see products as early as next year.
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