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Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 16:29:20 EET

One area that no one has mentioned so far are the flammability
requirements for electronics. UL and CSA have certain standards that any
such enclosure would have to meet in order for you as a manufacturer to
avoid liability issues if you are selling them. Some of these standards
will mandate the size and potentially the shape that is allowable.
Furthermore there are strength tests and impact tests, even the labeling
is subject to their standards.
During some research on a classification issue for a device that we are
preparing to produce, CSA informed us that there were about 800
potential classifications into which we could fit. It has become a
matter of finding the most appropriate class. During the submission
process we have had to alter our enclosure three times.
Our insurance company indicates that we must follow all of the criteria
in order to be insurable. So while it sounds like a great idea, make
certain that you follow all of the requirements in order to cover
yourself from the risk factor of our law suit happy population.

May you all have safe, prosperous, and Happy Holidays!!!
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>Bill Richards comments about the stabilty of the RP materials and even the
>urethanes is correct but this can addressed if the parts are plated with a
>structural metal coating of copper and nickel. We've been doing this type
>of work for the last two years to improve the stability of RP models and
>urethanes. While most of our work is non-appearance engineering models,
>they have proven to be quite robust in a variety of applications. The metal
>coating also can serve as a basis for appearance metallic finishes although
>this is not our specialty.
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