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Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 19:47:42 EET

I would avoid any brittle resin (such as the early high temp ones). Old
classics like 5170 can work well. 7560 has also worked well.

More important than the selection of mould material is the selection of
moulding parameters.
Turn all pressures (clamping, injection etc), speeds, polymer temp DOWN.
Think of the process as casting rather than injection moulding.
I have often had to tell experienced moulders to turn all these parameters
down, down ,down and they look at me as if I am crazy - they may be right
but it is usually necessary if it is going to work.

Also try to avoid geometries where the tool has upstands.

Good luck

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im trying to use a 3d systems stereolithography machine to produce an
injection mould die, my problem is that i dont know what photopolymer
to use? would Accura SI10 work? ( i.e. i need a photopolymer that wont
deform as it is being used for injection moulding)

has any of you come into contact with this before, if so what did you
go for? consequently i also am yet to decide what plastic to use in the
injection mould? any ideas?

many thanks,

Grant Harvey

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