Xmas funny

From: Chris Sutcliffe (c.j.sutcliffe@liverpool.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 16:33:52 EET

Dear List

You know all those Emails you get from some millionaire in Nigeria saying
that he/she needs $100,000 to be able to give you $10M...well check out this
site for a bit of a laugh. Seems that some clever dick has scammed them
back and made them all look rather foolish. There is a lot of text to go
through which is all very amusing. The general gaff is to get the sender of
the email to appear with a picture of themselves with a bottle of milk on
their heads and a picture containing rude words spelt phonetically. Dread
to think of what they'll make the chaps who send round the penis enlarging
mails do!


Happy Xmas everyone

Best Regards


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