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Nothing that fancy is really needed. A laptop or small form factor PC will
fit into most desk drawers. One of the Via processor based systems would be
great because they don't generate much heat. But you can get some small
systems that are still pretty powerful. You might want to drill some holes
in the back of the drawer to allow better airflow. If you went with a
wireless keyboard, mouse and network you would only need a power and monitor

Now if you wanted make it so the CD drive came threw the front of the drawer
or an external power switch that would take a little bit more work.


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My custom case wouldn't be a case at all. It would be a "file drawer"
attachment in a desk. That way, you'd never see the computer. All the
connections would be on the side of a desk in a hidden panel. You wouldn't
trip over the cables at your feet, and you could install a fan to keep the
components cool. Another thing that would be nice is a recessed area in the
top of the desk for the monitor with the option of raising the monitor when

An interesting approach to this would be to take a standard desk drawer and
manufacture the fixtures inside the drawer for a retrofit. Also, a side
panel with an asthetic facia could be made for the side of it. So, the
components made would be relatively small and the box could be pretty cheap
and simple. You would be selling a "premium" product that would be hidden
by the desk already in their possession. Higher margins.

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