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Date: Fri Dec 26 2003 - 08:31:29 EET

Dear Steven,
Yes ! Your reply looks one I can believe. Have a look at reply on list from one Mr. Anuj Shah about Envision speed. I do not know if he knows what he is talking about !
I was comparing the data of Envision with Viper speed.

"Steven Adler ( A3DM )" <> wrote:
    My partner and I are the designated re-seller for the jewelry industry for Envisiontec Perfactory. Thus far there are only a couple of multi lens systems worldwide where the pixel size changes from 32 to 60 microns so we don;t have much data yet. We do have several systems here in the US building jewelry including my own using the fixed focal Perfactory Mini where the pixel size is 40 micron
    We have been building using 20-30 micron slice thickness with excellent results. The build time savings over the conventional Solidscape and/or Sanders is considerable. For example, two large high school rings took 5 hours at 25 micron and would take approximately;y 4 hours at 50 micron. This job ( 2pcs ) would take about 54 hours on a Solidscape machine Another example would be a conventional 3 stone ring 1CTTW. You can build 8 of this type of ring in 5 hours or one ring on a RapidToolmaker and take 22 hours.
    Obviously, there is a significant output increase over conventional systems. If you would like to contact me off line, I can provide you specific details about the process and where you can see a Perfactory Mini in your area....





Steven Adler

Automated 3D Modeling, Inc


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Dear List,

Can some users of Perfactory system for Jewellery applications can update me on the following data -
1. Build speed in mm/hr with 0.025 mm layer thickness, with 32 & 60 microm pixel size. How many rings possible with height of 33 mm, per platform built in these resolutions.
2, Same data as above but now with 0,050 layers
Look for feedbacks.

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