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From: Tae Ywan Kim (
Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 08:21:43 EET

Hello Phil
let me introduce my short experience of RAPIDFORM from INUS.-I just used  the evaluation version for 1 month, but I was so impressed by it.  In the software there are many workbenchs: scan, polygon, curve, surface.... I can't remember all work fields. But among them, there was polygon workbench, and in that, there is a variety of functions for controling the surface(triangle) In my remembrance, there were the commands of smooth, remesh, subdvide.... The impression from those function was that it looks like photoshop for 3D data. I was able to apply those commands to the part or whole object with brush tool, control point(FFD), etc. In my remembrance, there might be automatic way for them, but I am not sure about that, becaue I just used manual ways for them. And there were commands for checking and repairing bad faces, and boolean for polygon objects.   I mainly used those functions among many workbenchs, because my research was for manipulating the 3d scanned data.
> Dear List,
> Wishing a Happy New Year to all !
>     ( and now that that's done..)
>   I thought I noticed in one of the discussion threads a reference to
> software with the capability to "smooth" out sections in an STL where the
> triangles in a curve are very large and cause (excess) faceting to show in
> the RP model. I think by setting curve following parameters, it generated
> additional tri's to create a better curve.
> Anybody have any info besides hammering the original CAD program
> - Or was I dreaming?
> Phil Iehle
> Versadyne LLC

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